A Gordon for Me

A Gordon for Me

This will be the website for Brian’s latest book, "A Gordon For Me".

Brian spent two years at the request of Her Majesty, just as every other 18 year old did throughout the UK in the late 1940s and 1950s. In his case he was ordered to the Gordon Highlanders, even though he looked terrible in the kilt!

Like most other country lads of the time he was naive about many aspects of the wider world, in fact it was not until more recently, when he began reading about Cyprus in the 1950s that, that he gained some understanding of just how the government took advantage of these uneducated young men.

There will be a few 80 year olds around who will recognise what is discussed in this book, some will agree with the author’s opinions and some may not. Many, I dare say, will be surprised. Mind you their offspring will be interested to know more about what Grand-dad went through all these years ago!

Sample chapter to follow soon.




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