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One Man's Experience of National Service

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I hope everyone is thinking, how the heck can I get a copy of this book! Here is how.

The book is certainly now available at Ringwood Publishing. It is also available at Waterstones bookshops although in some you may have to order it. The book is also available at other bookshops such as Browns Books for Students in Aberdeen, Amazon UK, Book Depository and so far all in paperback. I expect it is also available at other bookshops and websites.

I do hope everyone enjoys the read even if you all may not agree with some of my comment.

Next to the group photograph of Somme Platoon on page 18 of the book perhaps the photograph I most value is of D Company on page 97. But because of the size of the book these photographs are much better viewed here on the website. In the meantime here is the photograph of D Company taken in late 1956. I will eventually make sure that all the photographs from the book and perhaps others taken at this time are all available here on the website.

D Company HQ Troodos 1956

Back row L to R: Pte Attard, CFN (Craftsman) Adams, Pte McAllister, CFN McCullock, L/Cpl McCluskey, Pte Andrews, Pte Buchan.
Second row from back L to R: Pte Arthur, Pte Milne, Pte Soutar, Pte Petrie, Pte Hepburn, Pte Milne, Pte Boulton.
Third row from back L to R: Pte Jim Jaffray or Jeffrey (Great Scout car diver and friend of the author), Pte Ruston, Pte Thain, Pte Falconer, Pte Morrice, Pte Dalgarno, Pte Marr, Pte Stephen, Pte Gary Cormack (another great driver and friend of the author)
Front row: L/Cpl Simpson, L/Cpl Gordon, C/Sgt McAuley, Cpt C.M. Wolfe-Murray, Maj A.T. Wilson (MC), CSM J.R. Innes, Cpl Rennie. L/Cpl MacInnes.

Brian Robertson

A Gordon For Me

The Gordon Highlanders

Brian's latest book, "A Gordon For Me", about the Gordon Highlanders in Cyprus in 1955 and 1956 will soon be available.

Read about the action of the First Battalion during 1955 and 56 from the point of view of a private soldier. Learn how politics caused the waste of 371 British lives during the conflict including sixteen of our own. Many of those killed were National Servicemen. This book is dedicated to those sixteen young Gordon Highlanders who did not come home. Those are the men that Brian remembers at any memorial ceremony. They would all have been 80 years plus today. 

Ringwood Publishing

An honest and brave account of National Service in the 1950’s. Brian spares no detail in his story, from simple farmer’s son to a Gordon Highlander.

60 years ago Brian Robertson left his family farm to undergo two years of National Service. From Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Copenhagen to Cyprus, Brian experienced much, much more than the average farm-hand ever would. What starts off as an exploration of the eclectic nature of the army, takes a dark twist down the obedience, ruthlessness, and brutality of training and conflict. This book is not a celebration of war.


Authentic and true

A Gordon for me, what an excellent read, really down to earth and I am sure many National Service men who served in Cyprus will be very impressed as it is so authentic and true to the many who served there. It is in my view the best down to earth book ever written, I will keep my copy as a memento.

Peter Knott
via the Cyprus Veterans Website
03 Jan 2018

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